Monday, March 15, 2010


So..I am blogging...! I have been using my Facebook as my blog but I had enough friends asking me to create my own blog..
So here it goes!!! I plan on posting tips on cool places to go and fun things to do in New York City,
and also in Brazil - for all my friends in America. Some of my posts might be in portuguese, but I will try and keep them all in english. Most of my friends in Brazil can read english and the friends in America, well, can not understand this way everyone can understand me!
Please note that I am a designer, and not a writer. I will do my best to write well, but just keep that in mind! If you would like to make suggestions PLEASE be my guest!! I would love that!!

Ps: I might also post some of my design work here as well. But only the ones I find the most interesting. Welcome to Ana Cissa's world!


  1. That is a GREAT idea, Ana! You really know the coolest places both in NY and all over Brazil...

  2. I agree! This blog is going to be super cool and updated, worth reading and checking everyday for fresh news & fun!

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  4. Dear! I loved your new idea. I'll be following it for sure. Always curious about your NY news!!!
    Kisses, Thelma

  5. Hey!
    What a great idea! I know I'll be using it a lot
    I want to know the coolest places now that I'm here :D

  6. Eu achei uma idéia fantástica e adoro dicas bacanas frescas e, ainda mais da Ana .. Já postei o banho de gengibre na minha página e vou passar a tomá-lo com uma Frequência que eu conseguir, adorei! Bjs, e boa sorte ! Regina

  7. Congrats. Enjoy blogging. News from NYC always good. Bjs

  8. Whatever you do, you do well, so I am sure this is going to be GREAT and informative. Looking forward to reading it often xo Sandy