Sunday, April 11, 2010

Facebook is my friend

Facebook is my friend.

Being a freelancer, I spend a lot of time working alone, just me and my computers. I have to say that it is VERY nice to be able to take a minute once in a while and check on my friends, say hello, send a note, have a laugh with a photo or check out a clip or a nice piece of music. For someone that works using creativity, Facebook has opened an awesome door for all sorts of amazing material. I am very lucky to have many creative friends, and I just love to check on all the cool things they have to share. When I am working I usually keep my Facebook on, in a different monitor, so I can gaze at it once in a while. It's like having the company of hundreds of friends. Yes, I am. I am a Facebookoholic! When people say to me, "eh, Facebook, shmacebook, I think it's a waste of time", I think that they probably just have a very different life than I do. I can not say enough good things about this brilliant invention. Facebook keeps me connected with my family and friends, here in the US, in Brazil (that's BIG), in Europe, Africa, all over. Facebook has generated tons of work gigs for me! Facebook friends are constantly posting informations about all sorts of fantastic cultural events, films, theater, design, fashion...
Because of a Facebook connection I was even able to get a reservation at Le Jules Verne Restaurant* (Tour Eiffel) 2 weeks before the date! ( I love telling that story!)
Anyway, so there. I am on Facebook a lot.
Today, as I was rendering an animation I created this little LOGO. Then, I went into facebook and I created a FACEBOOKOHOLICS group. And what do you know! People are joining in fast!
There is nothing wrong about being a Facebookoholic, as long as you don't forget to socialize on the outside world as well!

So cheers to the Facebook creators. (Because of you I am having a lot of fun!)


*People reserve tables a year in advance!


  1. E foi como eu tive o enorme prazer de conhecer as Anas Pintos !!! Grazie Facebook !!! I'm a facebookoholic !!!
    Bacio , Marcelo

  2. Eeeeeeee, Facebook coneecting people :)

    Beijo Ana Pinto

  3. And thanks to facebook I can chat with Ana anytime! And that is the best thing for me!!!