Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Time!!!

The roof top next door to my place has become a pigeon motel. Lots of spinning mr. pigeons doing their mating dance... Oh yeah, it's Spring time! Horny lil-fellas! Major pitching going on! And they dance, and spin, and make noises, so funny! I feel like shooting a video and putting music to it...Dancing the (Pigeon) Stars! Trrr Trrrrr Trrrrrrrrrr

Oh and the females seem totally oblivious of their silly number...they just go about their business, pecking on NYC roof dirt...


  1. Hahahaha! Love is in the air, trrrr trrrrrr trrr!
    Cute romances!

  2. Cissa e Xipo
    vcs deram um toque romantico a esses bichinhos.Eheheheheheheh..Até então, eu nao os via tão "meigos", apenas como roedores com asas...eca...Beijo