Saturday, April 10, 2010


About a week ago a friend suggested that I put a stat counter in my blog, just for see how many hits I am getting. I honestly thought that I was probably getting very few, I have "40 followers", so I figured that, maybe in a week, I'd have a couple of hundred hits? Maybe? Well, I think it is pretty cool that my stat count is telling me that I have had way over a thousand a week! And I am not even writing much because of my crazy friggin' work schedule! Wow, I was surprised! And I also felt a bit of pressure to step up!
So again, guys, bare with me! I have folders of great tips and ideas coming up! As soon as my life is a little less hectic, I will be posting cool stuff, worth your time here!
Thanks for checking in!!!


ps: EGGHEARTFRIES art by Alex Scaparro