Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carinhas - How to Make Facebook Emoticons

To do the common smiley face, simply do :)
For a laughing face, :D
If you would like to wink, do ;)
To stick out your tongue at your fellow Facebook chatter, type :P
To get a bit more creative with your emotions, you can be sad by typing :(
and to show that you are crying, :'(
If you would like to look grumpy, type >:-(
and if you're mischievously laughing, >:o
To make a smiley that is very happy, type in ^_^
For a shocked face, :o
If you are confused, create a the confused emoticon by typing :/
To make a "cat smile," type :3
And if you're a little weirded out by something, O.o
If you'd like to get a bit more creative, make a devil by entering 3:)
and if you've been good, an angel is O:)
To make a kissing face, type :*
and if you'd like a heart <3
To make a smiley with glasses, 8)
If you'd like a cool little guy with some shades, type 8-|
if you really want to have fun with the Facebook smilies, you can make a Pacman by typing :v
a robot by entering :|]
a man's face by typing :putnam:
and a shark by putting in (^^^)

source: http://www.tvlesson.com/


  1. Love it!
    There's also:
    goggle-eyed o.o
    beyond goggle-eyed 0.0'
    sidelong look ¬.¬
    oh, no!!! >.<
    embarassed X)

    Source: my daughter Renata :o)

  2. <(") forgot the penguin

  3. i <3 it but u forgot the penguin

  4. none of them woke