Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Perfect Eye Brows

Introduced by my friend Audrey, my new favorite eyebrow experts in New York are the girls at Madhu's Eyebrows.
It's easy to miss Madhu's - it's just a tiny white room with 3 chairs. There they do magic with your eyebrows for a sweet $7 price! Threading is a great technique as an alternative to waxing or tweezing. It is done with an actual spool of sewing thread pulling hair out one follicle at a time therefore leaving you with a beautiful natural looking eyebrows.Why spend $30 to get your eye browns shaped at a nail salon when you can have PERFECT brows by going to Madhu's? (and note, if you, like me, have portuguese or italian blood, ask them to take care of your lady-mustache! - yeah, no denials here~They do a great job! :))
Check it out~!

Madhu's Eyebrows
3 Greenwich Ave
(212) 243 7354
Talk to Nazma
Mon-Sun 10:30 AM - 8:00 PM

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