Monday, November 15, 2010

My new home, when in Marrakech

(the noise you hear is the sound of birds!)

Riad Kitula is more like a home, right in the steps of a souk. To get to Kitula you will need very carefully explained instructions. The Riad is situated in a maze on tiny aisles, and the entrance has no signs at all, just a door.
Riad Kitula is an historic riad that was part of a Kalif's palace built around 1750.
The place is beautiful, you pass through the threshold of Riad Kitula and you are transported into an inner sanctuary of flowing fountains, cool shade, and the rustle of palm, banana, orange and lemon trees. This is a spectacular riad, that truly feels like a home, with an understated mix of European and Moroccan décor. From now on, I know that I have a 'home' to stay at when I come to Marrakech.

Riad Kitula

+44 (0) 207 352 0909 (Danny)
+44 (0) 771 020 8933

Marrakech Medina, Morocco

Website / Bookings
Click here: Riad Kitula


NOTE: They don't accept credit only. Or check if you live in London.


  1. Até me deu vontade de viajar para o Marrocos...

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful and interesting bits of your journey. I wish I were there with you!

  3. Beautiful place. Looks like what your place in Morocco would be like!

    Jeff Dunne

  4. REALLY nice place...
    No credit cards though? Do we have to carry thousands of Moroccan Dirhams to pay for it then?
    I guess we could probably take the money from the cash machine but what a pain...
    They should rethink that system!