Monday, February 7, 2011


Today I am going to talk about Desnuda.
Desnuda is a tiny Wine Bar and Cevicheria tucked away in my neighborhood; only visible to the real New Yorkers. I love this hidden gem! I love the ambient, with it's dim lights and the super cool fans on the walls.
As you get there they will serve you with a basket with free truffle popcorn as a welcome treat while you check out the simple and yet very special menu of delicious ceviches. Peter, the co-owner, always with a big smile on his face, and the executive chef, Christian, will be glad to suggest a wine from their list of interesting, and rather unusual wines. They serve great wines from Patagonia, Uruguay, Spain and Chile.
Armed with a sushi-bar-style cooler of fish, knifes, a cutting board, spices, a blowtorch, and a little burner, the two of them command the "kitchen". Well, there is no kitchen. They prepare everything behind the counter and you get to watch the action.
I would try the salmon with aji amarillo chile, red bell peppers, and lime, topped with salty salmon roe. Also the dive scallops are to die for. And do order the smoked oysters. The best part of this dish is to watch them prepare it. The chef whips out a makeshift gravity bong and packs it with Lapsang souchong tea and Szechuan peppercorns. While holding the bong over a bucket filled with water, he lights a blowtorch and singes the tea-packed bowl. He will then collect the thick white smoke in a glass dome, which he places over the freshly shucked oysters.
The last time I was there we ordered 2 dishes each and it was plenty for two people, but as long as you are hungry the boys, will keep feeding you tasty and very creative dishes.

Try and get there early because there are probably only about 20 seats at the bar, and the bar is all there is! No tables.
This place is only great if you can have a seat at the bar. I would not recommend standing behind the people at the bar in hopes for a seat. They will probably be there for a long time! Arrive early.

122 E 7th St
(between 1st Ave & Avenue A)
East Village

Nearest Transit:

Astor Place (6)

1st Ave-14th St (L) 2nd Ave-Houston St (F, V)


Mon-Sat 6 pm - 2 am / Sun 2 pm - 1 am


  1. Parece lindo e delicioso... Se pudesse iria hoje mesmo!

  2. Como você descobre esses lugares?!

  3. Mmmm! Must be really good... Will try it next time in NY!
    :) AnaLua

  4. Sounds great. But what on earth is a gravity bong?

  5. A gravity bong is a home made pipe that is designed to use the force of gravity to pull weed smoke into the chamber, usually using water as the means for drawing the smoke down into the chamber.

  6. Haha, anonymous number 3, you made me laugh!!

  7. Legal esse nome... Desnuda...

  8. Salmon with aji amarillo chile? Have no idea what this could be, but I'm willing to try it... sounds good!