Monday, May 16, 2011

Running nose

Today I feel like my head is a big box of snot. One of those boxes, like the cheesy wine boxes we can buy nowadays, you know? The ones that have a little faucet? Well, my snot head box's faucet is definitely busted because it won't stop dripping. I think I blew my nose about seventeen hundred times today and now I look like Rudolph the reindeer. Other than my stuffy penthouse and the broken faucet I feel alright though. It got me thinking, what exactly is the function of a "runny nose"? What kind of process is that, and why do we have to go through so many boxes of kleenex??? Can we just get it over with and get rid of the m*@##rf*#@ing snot in one giant, mind boggling BLOW? Argh!!!
So I went in search of the scientific (or would that classify it as biological?) explanation for the snot spring that gets activated, every time we have a cold:

*What is a Runny Nose?

  • A runny nose, also known as rhinorrhea, is usually the first sign of a cold or flu, although you might also experience a sore throat or a headache before you get a runny nose. A runny nose is a trigger response that occurs inside the nose to try to flush out toxins inside the body, which is why your nose runs when you have allergies to pets, dust, mold or pollen. As you inhale the particles you are allergic to, your nose will immediately try to get the toxins out of your body as quickly as possible.

Why Do We Get a Runny Nose?

  • If your body is getting a cold, it will begin fighting off the germs that have caused the cold so it does not turn into a bigger illness. Getting a runny nose is the most noticeable symptom, so even if you are developing a headache or a sore throat first, because a runny nose needs to be tended to, it will probably be the first symptom you notice. Throughout the cold, as your body fights off toxins, the runny nose will go away, which means you are almost over your illness.*

    Inglês: “ATCHOO”;

    Português: ATCHIM!

    Alemão: “HATISCHI”;

    Francês: “ATCHOUM”;

    Romano: “HAPCIU”.

*source of the scientific data :


  1. Gesundheit!
    After 40 I started to develop seasonal allergies.
    Getting worse every year.
    The day I figure out what kind of tree, grass, or whatever plant it is I'm allergic to it will become an endangered species.

  2. bom , mas ate os 40 falta muuiiito !!!