Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a dream come true: A TIRAMISU BAR!

My favorite dessert now in a superstore!

Introducing Dolce Vizio, a West Village sweetshop shrine that holds within its walls enough espresso-soaked ladyfingers to feed a small army, opening Saturday.

Make no mistake: what you’re dealing with here is quite literally the most concentrated collection of tiramisu available anywhere outside of Milan. You see, all this sliver of a storefront does is bake, beat and fill little clear bowls with alternating layers of soft biscuits, mascarpone cheese and sifted cocoa powder. The recipes: straight from the Old Country.
The flavors: Nutella, limoncello, orange espresso or anything else they might have lying around the kitchen.

Now that you have direct access to the mother lode of made-daily tiramisu, it’s important that you exercise some measure of restraint. Ideally, you’ll want to limit reps at this red, white and wood Italian café to those precious mid-date interludes that require something with a little more panache than frozen yogurt. A caffeinated curveball to bridge the gap from dinner to drinks.

And if you can’t find a suitable flavor option on the menu to meet your exceedingly high tiramisu standards, you can always commission a proprietary batch of the stuff to be built from scratch.

source: ud