Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ah, the ol'drink'n'text....

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Today's Tip:

Ah, the ol'drink'n'text....

Did you drink and text?
And she never got back in touch with you after that?
Well perhaps you should check your phone
and see what you wrote to her.
Drinking and texting can be rather hazardous.
Ok so, do you think that what you wrote could be interpreted as
something RUDE?
Yes? about an APOLOGY? And by that, I mean, make a regretful acknowledgment of your idiotic mistake, and do tell her that this will never happen again.
You should try and make a formal defense or justification in speech or writing...along with some flowers...why not. She might forgive you, depending on the degree of the damage caused by your drunken behavior. Good luck!


  1. ...I think we all have done that...texting under the influence...not good.

  2. I have sent and received stupid texts..
    Gotta have an open mind about it.