Tuesday, September 13, 2011



I spotted those peepers from the opposite side of the subway car. I made a beeline straight to where those turquoise magnetic marbles were and didn't even think before I asked Mr Killer Eyes if in fact those were real. "Excuse me sir, are those eyes for real?" And Mr Killer Eyes opened a killer smile, and said, "but of course they are darling!" Detecting my accent in record speed, he followed by asking me where I was from and when I told him that I was from Brazil, we were on for a long chat. Mr Killer Eyes, aka Calvin's dream is to go to Brazil someday. We chatted all the way from Canal to 23rd Street and I could not get enough of those unbelievable gems. I asked him if women have fallen for his eyes all his life. He grinned big and said: "Today I am happy that my eyes attracted the eyes of a Brazilian lady...That just made my day!"
People are ALWAYS open to compliments, and with a couple simple words you can make someone's day. Calvin was nice enough to let me take a picture of his eyes so I could share it on my Blog's 'Wonderful New Yorkers' page.


  1. I love your portraits...the visuals and the words!

  2. Amazing eyes, sweet smile, gentleman words.

  3. Beautiful...the story, the eyes...and you.